It began as social networking, evolved into social media marketing and has pulsated to social business.
Everywhere you turn people are talking about it, you hear of businesses that are making money on it and you are amazed at how many people are becoming overnight sensations on it.
There are those that love it, hate it, are indifferent about it and yes there are some that haven’t even heard of it.
And it is more overwhelming than ever – Is it social?  Is it business?  How do you wrap your arms around it?  To put it simply – it has always been about the conversation and it still is!  Now, more than ever!
Where do you start?  It begins with taking action!  Know what your competitors are doing, determine where your customers are hanging out, and listen.  Then plan out your tactics with an easy to use Action Plan for you to use to map out your Social Media strategy.  Remember to always provide relevant and valuable content that both your customers and prospects are searching for, be consistent and responsive.  This begins the conversation, which will then enhance the relationship and lead to the expansion of your network and business!