Are you looking for a more effective way to bring additional traffic to your company website and produce more leads for your business? In the professional playing field, LinkedIn is the best choice of all the social platforms to generate top of mind awareness and network expansion for your business. It not only delivers a public Personal Profile where an individual can showcase their specialties, skills, experience, education as well as their services, projects and recommendations; it can actually be used as a ‘landing page’ and is indexed by Google. This means if your Personal Profile is optimized with relevant keywords and phrases for enhanced search you will be found when someone is searching for your business, services or your name.

The Personal Profile is one key component for LinkedIn success, the other vital element is your Company Profile; this is a place for those interestedli biz in your company to acquire more information such as researching products and services, learning about job opportunities, or getting the latest company updates and industry news. Adding a Company Profile is a very simple process but there are some requirements before you may do so. First, only current employees are eligible to create a Company Profile and second, in order to create your Company Profile you must have a registered, company-owned email domain.

This is an email which appears in all company employee email addresses, so using common email domains such as,,, etc. prohibits the creation process of a Company Profile.

Creating Your Company Profile

  1. In the top navigation bar on LinkedIn, mouse over ‘Interests’, in the drop down menu click on ‘Companies’;
  2. You will then see in the right panel, ‘Create a Company Page’, Click on the gold button that reads ‘Create’;
  3. On this next page, enter the company’s official name and your email address at this company, check the ‘verification’ box, and then click ‘Continue’;
  4. If your email address is already tied to an email domain for an existing Company Profile you will be prompted to click on the existing company name to edit the profile and if your company email address is not a confirmed email address on your LinkedIn account, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox for your company email address;
  5. Go to your company email address inbox to retrieve this email. The email text will give you a link to log in to your LinkedIn account. Be sure to log in to LinkedIn with your current primary email address, this will confirm your company email address and add the email address to your account;
  6. Once your email address is confirmed or if your email address is confirmed after you add the company name and company email address, you will be taken to the ‘Create a Company’ page which will allow you to enter information about your company;
  7. Click on ‘Create a Company’ once you have completed the required fields.

Enhance your Company Profile with a custom header image and logo, tell your story, showcase your business, highlight specialties, raise brand awareness, share career opportunities, and educate potential customers on your products and/or services. Much like Twitter, LinkedIn users can follow your Company Profile to learn more about your company so be sure to engage with these followers consistently by posting status updates, blog posts, upcoming events. This will boost exposure for your company as these updates will display in your followers news feed.

Social networking is a proven method of building business more efficiently and LinkedIn is the number one social networking site professionals use to generate leads for their businesses. LinkedIn is definitely where you want to position you and your business as it will save you time and energy and allow your company to put a face to its name as well as increase company marketing leads. Would love to know what your experience has been in generating quality leads on LinkedIn.

facebook-collage1Facebook is a playground of fun connections, amazing photos, entertaining videos, and fascinating links. It offers a ton of interesting and useful information, a multitude of content sharing and networking opportunities where both personal and business relationships are formed. Several friends play on this playground which makes it that much more amusing!

For the most part the people on Facebook play nice, but we do run across those that like to add a little drama to the mix, especially in the political arena. Then there are those that like to ‘poke’ us, saturate us with game invitations, like Candy Crush Saga, and other senseless applications, and of course there are the posts that ask us to copy and paste a message on our status update and if we don’t, we feel guilty that we may not be playing nice.

Yes, it is fun to connect with family, friends and acquaintances on the Facebook playground and intermingle with them but sometimes it does get a little uncomfortable when a ‘friend’ shares ‘too much info’. Yup, we all have them, ‘friends’ who post about their latest personal escapade, share inappropriate photos and videos and keep us up to date about every activity of their life from where they are each second of the day to all the calamity they surround themselves with. These people are ‘oversharing’ just a little ‘TMI’ and not only can they be annoying, they are opening themselves up to a mess of risks.facebook-playground

Once pictures and statuses are put up on Facebook, or any other social site, they have the possibility of being copied or even altered plus shared out on the Internet where they cannot be removed. With the addition of the Facebook Timeline it is easier now to go back and see what someone said years ago. Oversharing today may cause someone to regret it five years from now. Some precautions that are recommended when posting on Facebook whether for personal or business use:

  • Never say something online you wouldn’t say offline
  • Be selective about instant sharing from apps that track your activity
  • Check your profile privacy settings on a regular basis to ensure you don’t share information you don’t mean to.

What is your favorite Facebook activity? Connecting with family and old acquaintances? Meeting new friends on ‘Mafia Wars’? Building relationships with clients and prospects? However you are using Facebook, you do have to stop and consider how you are using it to represent yourself. Social media does not define who you are, but it does reflect a certain side of you that you want the world to see. So remember – what happens on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – stays on the Internet forever!! “Happy Facebooking”!

There was recently a lot of chatter about LinkedIn all over the social channels regarding their ‘most viewed profiles’ email campaign. No matter what your thoughts are about the campaign, it worked! It brought attention to LinkedIn and it also brought attention to the individual users to take a look at their account to see what they could do to improve it so they could get a better ranking or rank in the top 10% on LinkedIn.

If you want to expand your reach on LinkedIn, the key is to ‘Stand Out’ so you can easily be found by those people looking to do business with you! It begins by setting up a strong profile which will bring you more attention on LinkedIn – an added bonus of an optimized LinkedIn profile is that it will also get you a higher ranking in Google when someone calls up your name – in this sense it is more important than your website.stand-out

Let’s get started harnessing the power of LinkedIn! The very first thing you must do is add a professional head-shot, do not add a logo, research suggests that profiles without photos are rarely viewed. Then take time to fill out all areas of your profile. The 3 main areas on your LinkedIn profile you need to really focus on so you will be found in broader searches and by your ideal client are your Headline, Current and Past Work Experience, and Summary.

The most critical area is your Professional Headline which is located directly underneath your name. Most people normally place their title in this area, such as President or Sales Director. Instead, use compelling keywords that reflect your industry and the value you bring to your clients – all in 120 characters! These words are how people find and define you.

Next you want to add your Current position and past Job Experience, fill out the complete information for your current and past jobs, only need to list years, no need to include months. Your Current Title is very important for search as this is how people will find you on LinkedIn. Be sure to include the keywords and phrases you believe others would be searching for when looking for someone who provides what it is you offer. You have 100 characters in the job title and 2,000 in the description. For past Job Experience include only relevant experience, both paid and volunteer positions since college, this creates more connection opportunities. Your Current position(s) should have the following – What your company does, Who you customers are, Where you are located, What you do in the company and Any accomplishments you have had.

And lastly, you must fill out your Summary in great detail, you have a total of 2,000 characters to use here, do your best to use them all; sharing who you are and what you do. Be sure to write in the first person. You don’t want to just upload your resume and be boring, show your personality; talk about who you are and what you are an expert in, who should connect with you and how you can help them. End with a good ‘Call to Action’. Also in the summary area you should add your Specialties, list keywords that are designed to capture attention of the people reading your profile as well as the search engines.

To determine which keywords are being called up in search an essential tool to use is Wordtracker, an awesome keyword research tool which will help you better understand what your ideal client is looking for. There is a free trial period at

LinkedIn is a great way to find perfect clients for your business, position yourself as an authority on your topic, locate new opportunities and attract more leads, clients and referral partners. What have you done to ‘Stand Out’ and boost your LinkedIn results?

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